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Chapter 21 - Letter to Red (Part 2)

The rest of the BLU base was just as quiet at the garage near the entrance. Scout couldn't help but feel uneasy as he followed behind the Heavy. Surely loosing their second point would've attracted the rest of the BLUs on the field, right? But no. The farther Scout and Heavy came to the final point, the silence of the base remained. Scout figured one of two possibilities could happen: A trap stationed at the final point or the BLUs were just too lazy to focus of proper defense.

"Please let it be laziness." Scout whispered nervously to himself.

"Is leetle Scout still mad?" Heavy asked.

Scout didn't reply, occasionally he peeked over his shoulder to make sure nobody was coming after them. Nothing. That was a good sign. Maybe.

"I did not mean to hurt feelings," continued the Heavy, slowing down slightly to apologize to the scout. "Scout was acting strange, and Medic advised me to assume Spy."

"I don't like being compared to that bastard, ok?!" Scout finally said. Although, he wasn't sure if his anger was against the new Spy or the Spycrab.

"Was not comparing," replied the Heavy calmly, keeping the pace with his running. "I know, mean Spy was mean to you but-"

"Now isn't the time for this, man!" Scout finally sped up, running past the Russian and down the hallway. "Lets just get this job over and done with!"

Trying his hardest to keep up, the Heavy quickened his own pace- although not by much - to follow after the Scout. He couldn't help but grin, seeming to know that the Scout was getting better, slightly. Although, Heavy felt the Medic was right when he said the Scout was still a brat a times. Which the Scout was, but the Heavy preferred it that way.

The two RED mercenaries refrained from talking as they continued their way through the base. The Scout leading the way, keeping a sharp eye out for any BLUs that could possibly be ahead. Still no signs of life. Aside from himself and the Heavy. They stopped, suddenly, hearing the Announcer's voice faintly broadcast that the RED team had just lost a point.

"We gotta hurry." Scout said dryly, facing forward again and continued running.

It didn't take long for them to finally reach the heart of the BLU base. Scout could see the faint glow from the floating logo above the point. Grinning slightly, the Bostonian motioned for the Heavy to hurry up as he ran ahead.

His enthusiasm quickly faded away as he slowed down to a complete stop. The first thing to catch his attention was a large pool of red splattered on the floor. Clearly blood. Slowly, yet very reluctantly, Scout looked up into the large room, seeing a few more splatters of blood. Practically acting as a trail for any REDs entering the room. A large gasp from the Heavy startled him slightly, Scout glared at the Russian for spooking him, but calmed down when he remember they still had a job to do.

The Heavy ran ahead, his gun ready to fire at any unfortunate man (or whatever gender the Pyro is) wearing blue. With a quick glance behind them, the Scout followed after him. If someone was in the room, at least the Heavy could handle him...unless it was the BLU Heavy, then Scout would have to help out.

"Oh noooo!" The Heavy gasped again.

Scout froze, his own eyes slowly widening as he gazed over the middle of the room. The bodies of the Soldier, Demoman and Spy lay in a bloody mess on the floor. Each looked like they were shot multiple time- probably by the same gun due to the size of the wounds-, and slashed at with a melee weapon. Scout eyed the body of the Soldier, the man was face down on the floor with a long trail of blood behind him. It looked like he had crawled across the floor, trying to make it the capture point before finally dying.

"Jeeze..." He whispered. Scout knew they would Respawn, but it was the way they were killed that bothered him. The BLUs have never been this aggressive in the past. Aside from the BLU Spy before he became a crab. However, Scout never saw himself die.

"Medic!" The Heavy said, sounding happily.

Scout turned, seeing the RED Medic kneeling near the body of the Demoman, his gloved fingers on the man's neck. The doctor looked up when the Heavy called out to him, letting out a sigh of relief as he stood up.

"Zhere you are, Heavy!" He said with a smile.

"Why did it take me this long to notice him?" Scout thought to himself, then again, he made it a habit to ignore the Medic when he wasn't needed. Which was most of the time.

"I lost track of you earlier," continued the Medic, addressing the Heavy. "Eventually, I ended up following after zhe Soldier."

"How could this happen? Soldier had Medic!" Heavy asked.

The Medic shrugged. "Ve were... just unprepared."

"How'd you stay alive then?" Scout asked, nodding towards the corpses of their fellow REDs.

"I hid," Admitted the Medic, hanging his head shamefully. "Zhere vere just to many of zhem." He looked over at the corpses. "I...vasn't able to save zhem in vas too late for zhem."

"But this base was empty when we came here."

"Oh..uh..Ja...ja, vhen zhey finished killing our teammates...they agreed on doing a team rush...and ran out zhat way." The Medic pointed to the opposite entryway from where the Scout and Heavy entered.

The Heavy laughed and turned to the Scout. "See Scout? Is nothing to worry about!"

He then turned to the Medic with an eager smile, expecting the Medic to say something witty to the Scout in response. The Medic only looked confused as he took a single step back. The smile immediately faded from the Heavy, looking just as confused.

Taking a finally sympathetic look at his fallen teammates, the Scout finally began to walk towards the capture point.

"So, Vhere haff you been all zhis time?" The Medic asked, looking over his shoulder to the Scout. The runner stopped, letting out an annoyed huff. "I've been looking everywhere for you." His tone was deep.

Scout turned around. "You just saw me, like, 20 seconds ago, Doc." Clearly an exaggeration.

"Da!" confirmed the Heavy. " I was there! Scout had injury to shoulder."

"Oh! You know, it's getting hard for me to remember zhese things," The Medic chuckled, sounding chirper again. "I'm just getting very old." He kept his eyes glued on the Scout the whole time he talked.

The Scout rolled his eyes. The Medic was acting weirder than usual. Probably as a form of defense to keep from crying from all the blood and murder that took place. By now, he figured the Medic would be use to all this.

" gonna help us capture the last point, or what?"

"Hmm? Oh...Ja...zhat vould be mein pleasure."

The Heavy gasped silently, before letting out a low angry growl and quickly punching the Medic in the jaw. Sending the man flying a few feet before skidding across the floor. A nervous whimper escaped from the doctor as he sat himself up, looking at the Heavy with fear and disbelief.

"What the hell, man?!" Scout demanded. "He's on our side, remember?"

"That man is not Medic." The Heavy said in a low, angry tone.

Scout blinked as he watched the large man stomp over to the shocked Medic, who tried to scurry away before the Heavy grabbed him by the collar of his uniform and hoisted him up. "What?"

"You-you are mistaken, Heavy!" The Medic stammered, grabbing onto the Heavy's hands and tried desperately to pry them off. "I am the Medic, can't you hear my clearly German accent?"

A narrow eyed glare was the Heavy's response to the Medic's pleas. Even the Scout was getting slightly confused as well. "What the F**k is going on here?!" Although Scout ignored.

"You are not Medic," growled the Russian. "Even during most stressful of moments, Medic demands manners from Team. Especially from leetle Scout."

The doppelganger inhaled deeply and let out a huff as his panicked expression changed to an irritated look instead. "I see." The Medic's voice was replaced with that of the BLU Spy's.

"Oh my god!" Scout yelled in the background.

"You are smarter zhen you look, Fat Man," continued the Spy, still keeping his appearance as the RED Medic. " 'ow careless of me." He closed his eyes and his disguise faded aware in a puff of blue smoke.

It finally made sense now. The BLU Spy disguised himself as the RED Medic to gain the trust of the Soldier, Demoman and Spy. At some point, he probably dropped his disguise and killed them when their backs were turned. Scout suspected the BLU Spy killed one RED and accused the other of being a Spy to turn the two remaining REDs against each other. Then he would finish off the remaining man, but the looks of it, Scout guessed the Soldier was the last to be killed. Clever. This Spy knew what he was doing.

"What have you done with Medic?!"  Demanded the Heavy, shaking the Frenchmen in his grasp.

"I think we both know zee question to zhat." The Spy coughed.

The Scout found it hard to look away, he didn't know what to do. He wasn't sure if the Heavy even needed his help, but the Scout still wanted to see what the larger man was going to do. The BLU Spy needed to pay for blowing that cancerous smoke in his face four days ago. And he guessed revenge for killing the Medic, but that really wasn't important. The possibility of loosing his lungs, because of said BLU Spy, yeah, that was the Scout's biggest peeve with the new BLU recruit.

Slight movement caught his attention, the Scout noticed the BLU Spy's arm slowly reaching for his gun. At first, Scout raised his own pistol to shoot, but lowered it when he saw he couldn't get a good aim at him because of the large frame from the Heavy.

"H-Heavy!" Scout called out, sounding slightly panicked.

"Not now, Scout!" Heavy glared at the runner. "Can't you see I am going to crush puny Spy now?"

"Ye-Ye-yeah I know, but-"

"There is nothing more important then Spy crushing!"

"But the Spy is-"

Too late. The BLU Spy quickly drew out his gun and placed the tip of the barrel against the temple of the Heavy, not hesitating to pull the trigger with the large man still focused on the RED Scout.

The hand the gripped onto the Spy's expensive suit immediately loosened as the Heavy's eyes rolled back into his head, slowly falling to the ground with a large bullet hole in the side of his head. The Spy only remained in place with a sinister grin on his face as he watched the man fall. Slowly, his eyes darted over to the shocked RED Scout.

"Ah crap."

He cleared his through, attempting to wipe off some of the blood that few onto his suit." Alone as last. Now... where were we? ah, now I remember ," The Spy took a single step towards the Scout. "Where 'ave you been all zhis time? 'ave you been...avoiding me?"

Scout furrowed his brows as he quickly raised his pistol, finally getting a clear shot. The BLU Spy only smiled softly as he quickly jerked to the side, avoiding the bullets the Scout shot at him. Being one step ahead of the Bostonian. He licked his teeth as he cloaked, keeping his eyes locked on the Scout at all time.

"COWARD!!" Scout shouted, taking another shot at where the Spy faded away, only to shoot into thin air. He could hear the footsteps of the Spy, although it was slightly garbled due to the room echoing from the gunshots and his outburst. Taking slow and calm breaths, Scout jerked around in random directions, not sure where the BLU Spy might appear. Figuring, if he kept moving, he wouldn't be backstabbed.

"Drop that gun, boy." The Spy's arm uncloaked as he slammed his arm across the Scout's outstretched arms. Causing the RED to drop his pistol to the ground, and he quickly kicked it away.

Scout let out a yelp, followed by an enraged snarl as he quickly recovered and slammed his elbow into the BLU Spy's neck. The Rogue let out a pained wheeze, clutching his neck and took several steps back to catch his breath. Scout couldn't help but smile to himself; The Spycrab had suggested aiming for the neck if the Spy got that close and Scout was surprised to see how effective it was.

Quickly, the Scout took out his metal bat and dashed towards the stunned BLU Spy, pulling back and taking a swing at the man. First hitting him in the shoulder, knocking him to the floor and waited a bit for him to get to his feet before taking another swing at him.

The Spy countered by grabbing the bat with one hand before it could hit him again. Scout's eyes widened, he didn't expect that. A shiver shot up his spine as the BLU Spy glared at him with an animalistic snarl.


Without warning, the Spy swung in closer and punched the Scout in the stomach, mimicking the Scout's actions from their first encounter. Grinning wildly as the Scout curled into his arm, coughing and spitting out wads of his own saliva. The Spy pushed the Scout away from him and kicked him to the floor, watching the young RED clutch his stomach with a pathetic whimper.

The Spy breathed heavily as he pulled out his revolver, taking another kick at the Scout to make the runner look at him. Scout did, very reluctantly. It was hard not to show fear when starring straight up the barrel of gun. Of course, the Spy's psychotic grin and unblinking eyes might have been the true reason behind it.

Suddenly, the BLU Spy's breathing hitched, his back arching as the tip of a machete blade pierced through his torso. Scout winced slightly at the blood from the Spy splattered on him. The Spy's body was shaking as he stared down at the blade, slowly turning his head to see who attacked him, only to come face to face with the RED Sniper glaring at him.

"Oh..." The Spy coughed. "I forgot about you..."

The RED Sniper only let out a single huff as he pushed the BLU Spy off his blade, eliciting several smaller coughs from the Rogue before he fell motionless near the Scout.

Scout gaped at the corpse of the BLU Spy. "Shit, even with the Spy's advice, he still would've killed me..."

"You alright?" Sniper asked, sounding very concerned.

It took a while for the Scout to finally nod, finally turning to his teammate who held out his hand to help the Runner to his feet.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." He said as he grabbed the Sniper's hand and was hoisted up.

There was an awkward pause between the two.

"What? Don' I get a 'thanks' or somethin' for savin' yer hide?" The Aussie chuckled.

Scout was still focused on the BLU Spy. That man was pretty talented as a fighter, although he lacked acting skills. At least he didn't manage to send the Scout to Respawn like he did the other REDs.

He snapped back at attention when he realized the Sniper hadn't released his hand. Quickly, he jerked back his hand.

"Uh..y-yeah..." Scout said, feeling the uncomfortable atmosphere just being there with the Sniper. "Tha-"

A loud bell interrupted the Scout.

" YOU'VE FAILED!!" Yelled the Announcer over the intercoms. " THE ENEMY HAS CAPTURED OUR LAST POINT!!"

The Scout's jaw drop as he glared at the Sniper, who looked a bit surprised at the announcement.

"WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!" Scout roared, punching the Sniper in the arm. "If you had gotten here a lot soon we could've won!!

The Sniper winced at the punch, flinching again when the Scout raised his arm to throw another punch, only to throw his hands in the air and let out a loud, irritated yell. Grumbling to himself, the Scout picked up his pistol and stored it into his backpack before stomping off to head back to the base. The Sniper only chuckled as he rubbed his arm where the Scout punched him.

"Good to know things are gettin' back to normal." He announced.

"Shut up." hissed the Scout.

-Present day-

"HEY!" Scout pulled his letter away when he saw the Spycrab slowly lean in to peek at it. "Don't read it yet! I'm not done!"

"You've been writing for and hour now," replied the Spycrab. "And you have up to seven pages, what are you telling him?"

"'bout that battle we had a few days ago." Scout said.

"I see," nodded the crab. "Well, why don't you take a break and let me see what you have so far."

Scout narrowed his eyes at the Spycrab.

"I promise I will not laugh." The Spycrab said assuringly , complete with an honest smiled.

Reluctantly, the Scout looked at his handful of paper before slowly handed it to the crab, who grabbed onto the letters with his claws. It was good to know the Spy was getting the hang of his crab body, at least the Scout knew he didn't have to do everything for the Spy. Honestly, though, Scout was more thankful for the fact that the Spycrab never used his claws against him.

"Hmm..." The Spycrab murmured to himself as he looked at the first page, nodding every now and then. "Interesting..."

Without warning, the Spycrab folding all the pages with his claws and ripped them all
in half, tossing them aside as he watched the Scout's eyes widened and stammer out of shock and disbelief.

"Wha-wha-wha....WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" He demanded, slamming his fists on the surface of the desk.

The Spycrab didn't flinch at all. "If you were planning on boring that man into a coma, you were on the right track," He said calmly, waiting for the Scout to calm down before he continued. "I probably should have been more specific: You don't start a letter by telling a person about your dramatic escapades."

The Scout let out a loud, irritated growl as he leaned back in his chair. "I can't freakin' believe this."

With a soft smile, the Spycrab claimed a clean sheet of paper and placed it in front of the Scout, sliding a pencil next to it.

"Lets start from the beginning, shall we?" Scout looked at him. "I'll walk you through it..."

With a sigh, the Scout lazily grabbed the pencil and adjusted himself in his seat. He gazed down at the piece of paper. It was times like this that Scout wished he could make the words magically appear on the paper so he didn't have to write it out himself. Scout flinched slightly when the Spycrab climbed over his arm and sat between his two limbs, overlooking the sheet of paper and giving the Scout an assuring smile. He was not alone on this.

"Alright...," began the Spy. "Begin with addressing the Spy."

Scout began writing.

"Remember, it's spelled D-E-A-R."

"Yeah, I got it." Scout finished. "What next?"

"Now, the greeting. Something like: Hello, how are you? or just reintroduce yourself all together."

"Alright..." Scout thought for a moment and then wrote it down.

The Spycrab watched the pencil carefully, paying attention to how the Scout was spelling out his words and such. Nodding his approval when the Scout finished.

"Very good."

"Now what?"

"Well, you can add your own commentary here. Perhaps, thank him for the advice, or ask how he's doing at 2Fort."

Another pause for the Scout to think. He bit down on the pencil to help get the creative juices flowing. Eventually he leaned over the paper again and wrote out a small sentence. The young runner didn't stop though, he continued writing, finally understanding how to write a proper letter. The Spycrab nuzzled against the Scout's free arm, watching him write, occasionally stopping the Scout when he would misspell a word or help him add something more to the letter. It was a relief to see the Bostonian's anger slowly melt away as he came close to finishing his letter to that other RED Spy.

"Done!" Scout announced, slamming his pencil down with a smile.

The Spycrab did a quick scan of the letter.

'Dear super cool RED Guy,
Yo! What's up! Remember me? That Scout with the blue crab? Of course you remember me, who wouldn't?

I really wished you could've warned me that it was going to be like the North Pole up here! Seriously! It is FREEZING up here! Then again, I didn't warn you about how hot it gonna get at 2Fort, so, I guess that makes us even.

Guess what? I finally found out what turned the BLU Spy into a crab. Don't bother sitting down, because you're just gonna stand up when you hear this:  The Ghost of Zepheniah Mann.

Sounds crazy, right? But I'm being serious here! Don't go to the Harvest! According to the BLU Spy (aka, the Blue Crab), the Harvest is within driving distance from 2Fort. And it's haunted! He didn't do a thing while he was there (except practicing knife tricks to kill me with) and he was cursed into a crab by Zepheniah Mann's ghost! So yeah, I'd stay away from there if I were you. You'd probably want to complain to the Administrator about that too. I'll leave the paper work up to you. I hate paper work, and you seem like the paper work type of guy to me. So, good luck with that.

Anyways, you know anything about Ghosts? Or curses? Anything? I seriously don't want to kiss a crab to break his curse, and he owes me a free kill.
I don't know about you, but I want that free kill, man!
And don't bother suggesting a Virgin Sacrifice. I like being alive. Thank you!

Good Luck in 2Fort.


The RED Scout from the train station.'

"Very well done." The Spycrab nodded.

"You wanna sign it too?"

The Spycrab turned to the Scout, a look of confusion was plastered on his face. "Me?" He shook his head. "Oh no, this is RED team business. I wouldn't want to get you into trouble with another RE-"

"Hey," Scout poked him with the eraser on his pencil. " That other Spy didn't seem interested in rattin' me out, an' I think he's cool with what I'm doin' fer ya. So chill, ok?"

He nodded slowly. Still a bit unsure, but took in every word the Scout said to him. The Spycrab flinched a bit when the Scout handed him the pencil he was using to write with. He couldn't understand why he was so nervous all of a sudden.

"Go on," Scout tempted him a bit by shaking the pencil teasingly in front of him. "You know you want too."

"Oh alright!" The Spycrab chuckled as he grabbed the pencil with both of his claws. "It won't be pretty though...seeing how I can't write that well with these monsters." He shook the pencil slightly, indicating his large claws. Scout only snickered.

The Spycrab scuttled over to the paper and looked down at the Scout's signature. If you could call it that. Just large all capital letters spelling out his class name. Shame it was against regulations to use their real names. He struggled with the larger pencil a bit before he managed to get the tip onto the paper, and slowly, he wrote out his signature.

'And the BLU Spy'.

It was written in a sloppy, but legible, cursive.

"There's 'dat chicken shit again." Scout laughed.

The Spy only let out a groan at his own work. With a huff he tossed the pencil aside and jumped from the desk into the Scout's lap.

"Hey, where ya goin'?" asked the Scout, watching the crab slide down his leg and land on the floor.

"I just need to walk around a bit," He answered. "I need the exercise, I'm beginning to feel a bit...out of shape."

The Scout laughed again. Although he doubted the crabs could get fat, bigger, maybe but not fat. He faced his letter again, picking it up and pausing, slowly turning towards the picture of the Spycrab he drew. Without thinking, he grabbed it and placed it behind his letter and folded the two in half before looking around for an envelope. He didn't exactly know why he wanted to send that picture he drew to the other Spy, but it was going to bother him just keeping it with him.

He glanced over his shoulder at the Spycrab, who was doing little stretches in the middle of the floor. His own back turned to the Scout as he stretched his claws in front of him and slowly lifted them above his own little body. Scout looked at his letter again, thinking of the other RED Spy and what the Spycrab said about him. Would he tell the others that he was helping a BLU? Scout a bit surprised that he had forgotten that the crab belonged to the BLU team, despite having the BLU Scout's scarf with him and the blue tint to the crab's hard shell.

Unfolding the letter again, he picked up his pencil again and added near the bottom of the letter:

'P.S. Please don't tell anyone I'm helping a BLU. It's only temporary, I swear!'

"Remember, the stamp goes on the envelope, not the letter." The Spycrab reminded the Scout.

Scout quickly slammed down the paper, sitting up straight as if he was caught peeking at a porn magazine. Why was he being so defensive all of a sudden? "Uh...right, thanks fer tellin' me." He said, finally claiming a white envelope and stuffing his letter and picture in it.

"You plan on spending the rest of the day with your teammates?" Asked the Spycrab. "I overheard a few of your friends talking about a movie night."

"Naw, I'm hangin' out here t'night," Scout replied. "I'm distancin' myself from them from them anyways."

"Have they been giving you a hard time since the last battle?"

"No, it's not that...," Scout paused slightly, before shrugging. "I owe them all money."
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Keep up the great work Crystal. :D
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RED Scout: Yeah you are.

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April 1, 2011
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