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June 28, 2011
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Chapter 25 - Bed Bugs

It began snowing again. Eventually forming into a snowstorm that kept both sides cooped inside till it cleared up. The Scout took the opportunity to begin his research through the book of paranormal studies. He locked himself in his room and sat on his bed, silently reading through the book, cover to cover. The Spycrab could only watch, feeling a bit helpless due to his form. Desperately, he wished he could help the Scout in some way - or that he at least knew something that would help lift his own curse. That wasn't going to happen anytime soon, but at least he kept the new BLU Spy away from the RED Scout. That was really the only bright side he could find.

The next few days were clear weather, allowing the teams to battle again. Leaving the Spycrab to only watch the fight from the window. At the end of the day, the Scout would return, shower quickly, then resume reading the book - Almost like clockwork.
The Scout eventually finished the book, only to start rereading it again as he began taking notes this time. The Spy noticed that they were all related to how he was cursed when he snuck a peek at the boy's notes. Every now and then the Scout would ask him questions about the day he was turned into a crab, quickly writing it down and return reading the book. Leaving the Spycrab very alone. It bothered him the most when he removed the bandage on his injured claw, to see it was fully healed- although there was a deep imprint on the surface that would surely be a scar if he were to become human again. The Scout was too busy to notice this.

While the new BLU Spy has yet to show up since it was discovered he too was a virgin, that didn't stop the other BLUs from sending the Scout to respawn. It was painful to the Spycrab to see the Scout run almost drunkenly across the field, having to stop to catch his breath, or even just running all together and falling onto the ground. Leaving him open to attacks from the BLUs. Almost like he was a zombie. What was going on with that boy?
He was reluctant to question it when the Scout returned. The Scout would force himself to smile at the Spycrab when they would meet up, in the morning and in the evening. It was starting to bother the former Frenchmen a lot. Regaining his human form was not worth seeing the Scout work himself to death.


More snow had been dumped down upon them from the heavens in the form of a blizzard, waking the Spycrab from his slumber. Annoyed at the heavy flakes that would bounce off the window. He yawned loudly, snuggling back into the pillow in the usual spot on the floor next to the Scout's bed. It made him feel like a pet, but he wasn't going to complain. It was better than being in a tank like a real crab.

The Spycrab was just about to drift back to sleep when he heard the bed squeak. Looking to see the Scout shifting around in his bed. Rolling onto his back, holding still for a moment, before groaning and turning onto his stomach. Shortly after, he would shift again, trying to sleep on his back again. After this repeated a few more times, it was really starting to annoy the little crab.

"Scout?" The Spycrab said softly.

The Scout groaned, pulling himself to the edge of the bed and peering down . "What?" He said weakly.

"What's the matter?" He asked.

"Can't sleep."

The Spycrab kept his eyes glued to him, not satisfied with the answer given. Prompting the Scout to let out a sigh. "I...haven't been able to sleep for the last couple days, ok?" Yep, he sounded cranky. "There's just too much on my mind right now."

"Lift me up." ordered the Spy.

With another sigh, the Scout lowered his hand down and brought the Spycrab up onto his mattress. An additional sigh escaped him as the Scout dropped his head onto the mattress, watching the crab look at him. .

"You are working too hard." The Spycrab said simply.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Kind of..." admitted the Spy. "You look like hell."

"Thanks." The Scout attempted to say it sarcastically, but couldn't.

The Spycrab rubbed his claw the way he would have rubbed a hand on the Scout's shoulder. Feeling how tense the Scout was as the boy closed his eyes helplessly.

"Let me help you, Scout." He cooed into the Scout's ear. "Take off your clothes."

The Scout's eyes shot open. "What?!"

"I...said take off your shirt." The Spycrab smiled sheepishly, hoping the Scout would believe his corrected statement.

The blank stare on the Bostonian's face was an obvious 'yes', but there was still a look of confusion  - and disgust- in his eyes.

"I'm going to try to give you a massage," Explained the Spycrab. "To help ease your muscles."

Scout frowned, practically curling into himself at the thought of stripping in front of the Spycrab. Despite the fact that the Spycrab had seen him naked a few times. That didn't change the Scout's attitude though.

"It'll help," The Spycrab promised. "It'll relax you and help you sleep better."
There was still a lot of uneasiness in the Scout's expression. The Spycrab could tell the Scout wanted to be helped, but there was something keeping him from accepting his offer.

"O...ok." said the Scout, softly. "But turn your back! I don't want you lookin' at me!"

It was the Spycrab's turn to sigh, but he turned around quickly, hearing the Scout sit up and pull off his shirt. He saw the red article of clothing fly over him as the boy tossed it to the floor, and almost flew off the bed himself when the Scout flopped down on his stomach. The crab turned around in time to see the Scout grabbed his pillow and bury his face into it. Letting out a bit of a nervous whimper.

The Spy smiled. Scuttling up to the Scout, crawled up his arm and onto the runner's back.

"CRAP!!" gasped the Scout. "That STILL feels frikkin' weird!"

"Scout..." began the Spycrab, again. "Why are you uncomfortable with me seeing you naked?"

The crab figured if he managed to get the Scout talking, that would allow the boy to calm down and relax.

"I thought you wanted to help me, not talk my ear off." The Scout spat.

The Spycrab walked slowly and gently up to the Scout's shoulders. Pressing his pointed crab feet into the soft skin, slowly and skillfully moving down and across the Scout's back. Feeling the tensed muscles beneath the flesh.

"Jeeze..." he felt the Scout shiver with each step.

"Why are you so ashamed about your body, Scout?" The Spy said, almost in a whispered. "There is nothing to be shy about."

"Yes there is." Scout whispered.

He focused on the Scout's shoulders, feeling the most tension there. The Spycrab was practically dancing slowly on the shoulder blades, eventually using his claws to very lightly pinch the skin. Hearing the Scout let out a surprised gasp.

"Why is that? Personally I think you have a very -"

"Don't even think about finishing that sentence." Interrupted Scout.

"My apologies."

Scout let out a heavy sigh. "Wouldn't you be though?"

"Be what?" asked the blue crab.

"Ashamed of your body?"

The Spycrab chuckled lightly. "My teammates have seen me in the shower many times, I am not ashamed."

"Well, good for you." retorted the Scout.

"So why are you ashamed?"

The Scout didn't answer. The Spycrab chose not to push the issue and continued silently with his ministrations. Moving from the shoulders down the spine. Scuttling sideways to make each step count. He felt the Scout shift slightly, that must have felt good.

"Y-you've seen them...all of them...," Began the Scout. "All the guys out there...they're pretty strong...aren't they? Even the Heavy. He's fat, really fat, but...he's strong."

"Oui." nodded the Spycrab.

"An' the Engineer is short, but he's also still pretty strong..."

"And you are not?"

"That's right." The Scout said, sounding hurt. "I'm-I'm weak."

That explained why Scout had his mirror back in 2fort hidden behind his desk. The boy hated his body.

"I don't think you're weak."

Scout let out a groan. "Stop lying to me! You know I'm weak! Why else would you have stalked me all those times? Because I'm easy to kill!"

"I stalked you because you are fun to kill, it had nothing to do with how strong or how weak you were." explained the Spycrab.

He heard the Scout sigh, either out of frustration or out of enjoying the poor excuse of a massage.

"You've seen my body's not like the guy's," continued the Scout. "it's just that everybody else seems to be all beefy and strong and awesome, but I'm all soft and flat and noodly…heck, I still have some baby fat on me!"

"You wouldn't be fast if you had a large, muscular physique."

"Yeah but....that's why I joined RED...," The Scout admitted. "I wanna get stronger, so I can take care of' help others...but...I'm still weak." The Scout gasped suddenly. "HEY! Keep it above the belt!"

The Spycrab remove the offending claws from the waistband, bringing it safely back into Scout's comfort zone. "Sorry." He moved back up the Scout's back, focusing again on the Scout's shoulders. Noticing the tension in the runner's muscles as eased away. Even earning a relaxed sigh from his -only- favorite RED.

"In a way, Scout, you are helping me," The Spycrab added. "I'm small, weak, slow, pretty much helpless. Without you...I would've been dead."

The Scout nodded slowly, resting his head on his pillow and closed his eyes. Sighing heavily. Ready to finally go to sleep.

"I think you are strong," The Spycrab smiled. "I...I need you, Scout. To survive."

He stopped when he didn't get a response from the Scout. Figuring the Scout was fast asleep due to how heavy he was breathing and how peaceful he looked. It had been a while since the two of them had shared such a lengthy, meaningful conversation. It was nice. Without thinking, the Spycrab gently ran his claw though the Scout's hair. Then, he leaned up, faintly kissing the edge of the Scout's ear.

"Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." The Spycrab whispered very softly into his ear.

'I love you'. If only he had the courage to say that.

"Spy?" The Scout whispered.

The Spy froze, not knowing if the Scout felt him kiss his ear and he was going to be yelled out for doing so. "Yes?" He said softly.

"I don't hate you anymore."

There was a slight pause. The sound of the Scout's deep breathing was the only thing breaking the silence.

"The... feeling is mutual." answered the Spycrab.

"I hate that other Spy though."

"Yeah... me too."
...I would've posted this soon...but I got distracted by "Meet the Medic" :paranoid:

You know that picture, "Bed Bugs"? Yeah, this chapter is based off that picture.

Strictly fluff, but...:shrug: I enjoyed writing it. :iconnotimpressedplz:

The line before the ending was suggested by :iconradamsa:. Thank you! :D
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